Yasuaki Shirani

He has a craft Japanese whiskey import company in the Netherlands. Also, before he moved to Europe in 2012, he was a bartender in Tokyo. The main locations are Four Seasons Hotel Marunouchi Tokyo, Ginza and Nishiazabu. Recently many new companies have entered the whiskey production business in Japan every year, and some of them are not working ethical way unfortunately. From such a mixture of wheat and chaff Japanese craft whisky industry, he selects the right distilleries to offer to Europe. His whisky import business started with just one distillery, but it became 3 last year and will become 5 in 2024. This time, he will tell you how to identify the correct Japanese craft whisky.
“How to filter good/bad craft Japanese whisky distillery” recorrido por las destilerías japonesas, analizando su origen y proyección a futuro.